Mid-Late Round Sleepers

Ryan Williams has all the tools to take the starting job

Fantasy leagues are won and lost in the later rounds. Every year, owners are searching for that breakout sleeper who will propel their team to the championship… The 1999 Kurt Warner, or the 2011 Victor Cruz. Often times, you can’t predict these sleepers because they require a freak injury to a mainstay starter in order for them to even get the opportunity in the first place (see Tom Brady). However, there are certainly some players worth picking up in the later rounds that have an exponentially better chance of making you look like an absolute genius in front of the other managers in your league.

Titus Young (WR – Detroit) – This guy is capable of being a huge sophomore stud. I am hesitant to even include Young in this list, because with each draft I do, more and more managers are catching on to him, effectively bumping up his average draft position quite a bit. In his rookie season, managed 47 catches for 607 yards and 6 TD’s, which should only improve. (more…)

Judging AP, Mendenhall, and Others Coming off Knee Injuries

It’s a known fact that knee injuries are a tough one for any NFL player to return from, let alone runningbacks. These guys literally pay the bills with their knees, and the ability they give the players to get low, make explosive cuts, and accelerate out quickly. Yet year upon year you see guys in fantasy leagues who are seemingly unshaken by the fact that these guys, more often than not, haven’t played football in close to a year, and are most likely out of shape. Similarly, the question has to be raised whether or not they will be their, so called, “old selves”, again.

Here is a table detailing how many of the top RB’s from the past 15 years have performed upon returning after a knee injury.

[ws_table id="5"]

Granted, there are many external variables that could have contributed to the stark decline of these players, but the knee injury is always a consistent factor. One thing is for sure; I will be certainly be shying away from picking backs returning from knee surgery.


Draft Day Sleepers & Busts

Tamme reunited with Peyton Manning in Denver

Draft Day Sleepers

Jacob Tamme: The so called year of the tight-end has owners scrambling to find the next Gronk or Jimmy Graham. When all the name brands are long gone, look for Tamme. He fell off the radar of many after being limited to deputizing Dallas Clark last year. However, in 2010 when Clark was injured, Tamme posted 67 catches, 631 yards, and 4 TD’s. Now he is the #1 in Denver and reunited with Peyton Manning. He could very well post elite numbers this year, but if not, should still represent a good pick for value where you can get him. If you aren’t buying into the tight-end madness, fill out your other positions early on and look for Tamme in the middle rounds. (more…)